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We cultivate greatness through scientific analysis and thorough attention to customized plans and programs. By combining the most cutting edge in sports science with tried and true ‘old school’ methodologies, each individual is enabled to discover their untapped potential.

It is necessary to assess an athlete’s strengths and weakness on the court, as well as mentally and physically in order to measure athletic progression to become a more aggressive, skilled athlete.

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1 on 1 Training 1 Athlete/Trainer Register
Elite Level Training Program For the Committed, Elite Athlete. Register
Individual Training  1-2 Athletes/Trainer Register
Shooting Machine  30 Minutes or 1 Hour Sessions Available Register


Vertimax – 30 Minute Session Available in Packages of  1, 4 or 6 Sessions Register
Vertimax – 1 Hour Sessions Available in Packages of  1, 4 or 6 Sessions Register
Performance Training with Coach Gerald Moore Available in Packages of  1, 4 or 6 Sessions Register


Use of the vertimax is perfect for athletes interested in strength training, speed training and resistance training.  Running the fast break. Tying up a defender’s feet with a deadly crossover. Add blazing speed and quickness to your game. Available in 30 and 60 minute sessions.

Elite Level Training Program

For the Committed, Elite Athlete.

Overachieving athletes that have worked and developed a strong core learning of fundamentals of the game are encouraged to participate in the Elite Level Training Program.

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Individual Training

A more individualized approach with up to two players working with one trainer. One-hour sessions will highlight attention to every detail of the game. The athletes’ strengths and weakness are assessed and goals are discussed to work on specific areas of development.

Small Group Training

LST small group sessions are for one-hour with not more that eight student athletes. Since basketball is a team sport this type of training allows the athlete both individualized instruction and application of these skills in team/game play practice.

Dr. Dish

Shooting machine work-outs on Dr. Dish All Star. Get peace of mind knowing you’re on the leading edge of training technology. Train the perimeter and inside game. Imagine what 1000’s of extra finishing reps could do for your game? Push your practice to a new level. Available in 30 and 60 minute sessions.

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